Yacht Concept Vessel

Autonomous Luxury

By: Grant Brown, VP Marketing & Brand, PBES.

The team at PBES, the worlds most advanced lithium battery for marine propulsion, is very excited by the 2016 Feadship Future Concept vessel Choice, and the prospect of the first fully battery powered super yacht that will bring a new level of Autonomous Luxury for Feadship’s customers.


Imagine battery only operation, providing the ultimate beach club and dinner cruise experience; with no noise, vibration or generator fumes.

Imagine driverless vessels bringing you to your pristine island destination with the owners inputs sent from their handheld devices.

Leading super yacht design and building group Feadship sees the future of vessel design as one of increased automation and technology. In keeping with their cutting edge thinking and innovative designs, the 2016 Feadship Future Concept vessel Choice weaves the concepts of technology, automation and environmental stewardship into one package. The hybrid power system onboard is smart, proven technology, designed for seamless integration and uninterrupted comfort and luxury, yet provides power to the two detachable tenders and autonomous beach house.

We all like to be spoilt, and this is the future.

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