The Maritime Accelerator Program

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SPBES has been invited to take part in a maritime accelerator program run by the Port of Seattle and Washington Department of Commerce’s Maritime Blue initiative, in conjunction with WeWork Labs, alongside 10 other exciting maritime start-ups. The maritime accelerator program aims to make Seattle and Washington State a global hub for innovation in the maritime industry, ensuring that new and ground-breaking technologies are developed that can protect the environment and contribute to the improvement of crew welfare.

Accelerator programs have a long history of aiding innovation. By connecting different teams in the tech industry who work in different sub-fields, members are encouraged to share knowledge and best practices so that they might mutually benefit from differing perspectives. Despite the success of these knowledge sharing events, there have been very few accelerator programs outside of the tech industry. This is a very exciting time for the maritime industry, and we are looking forward to being involved in the program.

A team from SPBES will be stationed in the WeWork Labs in Seattle, participating in seminars and workshops facilitated by WeWork’s global network so that we may help develop the future of maritime technology pioneers. SPBES and other participants will pitch their ideas to investors and US government officials at the conclusion of the accelerator program in April.

Innovation in marine battery technologies is accelerating at a great pace already. Adoption of marine batteries is increasingly becoming widespread in the industry, as fully electric and hybrid electric solutions

prove their value for money and environmental credentials in applications across the world. Alongside improvements in battery capacity and lifespan, one of the truly game-changing aspects of the current progress being made in marine battery technology is in safety.

At SPBES we take pride in our safety-first approach to green energy solutions. We believe that, as industry experts, we have an obligation to ensure that we are continually driving forward the precautions put into place for safer battery technology. We also believe that working with other experts in marine technology, especially in an innovative space, will help the maritime industry develop safer, greener, more efficient solutions.

The accelerator program will help to showcase such systems as relevant within the maritime technology sector, giving a chance to demonstrate the products and services SPBES provides in regards to safe green energy solutions.

The program kicked off on January 21 with a launch event at Seattle’s famous Pier 69 and has been very well received so far. The event garnered approximately 250 US policy makers and maritime industry leaders and featured a short speech by Washington State Goverenor Jay Inslee. Gov. Inslee and his team have been focussed on revitalizing the and decarbonizing the maritime sector in Washington and with this program, continue his mission toward a green economy for the region.

You can read more about the kick-off event here.