Quality Policy

PlanB Quality Policy: Procure and profitably produce trace-able, as-per-design, consistent components, assemblies, and Energy Storage Systems by coordinated processes that increasingly exceed the time, cost, quality, operating, and safety expectations of the industry, customers, flag, class, employees, and stakeholders.

Quality Objectives

1. All parties affecting QMS to understand the organization & its context relevant to their jobs.

2. Empower stakeholders to contribute to better quality management.

3. Manage non-conformances to minimize impact on quality and cost.

4. Manage the QMS within optimal budget.

5. Management of Change to ensure consistent, coordinated processes.

6. Meet or exceed customer expectations whilst remaining economically competitive.

7. Procure and Manufacture as-per-design products.

8. Provide an Operational and Support environment to meet production planning targets.

9. Reduce failure rates on procured and produced parts.

10. Regular impact assessments of Interested Parties on ability to deliver product according to time, cost and quality objectives.