Project Date

Completed in 2017

Project Information
  • Category: Workboat
  • System: 156 kWh
Project Information

The NKT Victoria cable-laying vessel is able to carry more cable, install it faster and do so in extremely challenging conditions. The ship was designed with long, deep-water interconnector cables and long-range offshore windfarms in mind. It can continue working in 3-4m waves, conditions that would defeat older, less capable vessels. It can lay cable with a level of accuracy of +/-25-30cm, compared to others which do so in metres.

The System – The ship is equipped with 24 6.5kWh PlanB batteries, for a total of 156kWh. The energy storage system is used for peak shaving and enhanced dynamic performance, optimising energy consumption and reducing engine maintenance. Energy storage is also used for back-up regarding shore connection during cable loading, allowing the ship to be emission free during that process.

Small System, Big Impact

At only 156kWh, this marine battery system is relatively small, but carries a big punch. NKT Victoria’s overall fuel consumption is approximately half that of less sophisticated units. Proving that even a small battery system can make a big impact on ship operations.

In a ceremony at the Nor-Shipping trade fair in Oslo, the new state-of-the-art high-voltage cable laying vessel was announced as winner of the prestigious Ship of the Year award.

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