Project Date

Completed in 2018

Project Information
  • Category: Ferry
  • System: 585 kWh
  • Country: Norway
Project Information

Gloppefjord and Eidsfjord fully battery-operated ferries, which operate on the Anda-Lote route Nordfjord on the west coast of Norway, mark another milestone in the road towards zero emission in ferry operation in Norway.

Total battery capacity onboard each ferry is two 520kWh PlanB batteries with Siemens as the electric integrator. Each ferry has two 500 eKW Scania DI16 90M generators for back-up and emergency operators.

Among the ferries unique selling points is that they will only need to stop for nine minutes for battery charging in ports. Battery charging is completed via fully automatic charging stations at the quayside. The ferries are equipped with a vacuum docking device to ensure correct docking at all times with no need to run the engines and propellers at slow speeds.

The ships can each transport 120 cars and 349 people.

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