Sterling PlanB Battery Testing - A60 Test

A60 Test

Sterling PlanB has now conclusively demonstrated that direct exposure to a 950°C fire can be successfully managed by our thermal management system.

On March 24, 2020 – the engineering team at PlanB conducted an A60 fire ‘survivability’ test of the BBU battery module. The main purpose is to test the effectiveness of the BBU cooling system and to verify that the system can withstand a prescribed heat level for a defined period of 60 minutes and remain operable to cool the battery and prevent charged cells from entering thermal runaway.

Read the A60 test report here
Sterling PlanB systems use the industry’s most advanced cells, with the highest energy density in the market.  Coupled with our CellCool technology enabling all cells to consistently operate at optimal conditions, our systems can achieve incredible power outputs, and operate at an average continuous rate of 300% to deliver power boosts.
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